How to Create a New Site

Whenever you're ready to create a new site for your next festival, you can get started from the admin area of any of your existing sites. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Log into any of your existing sites as a user with admin privileges, and navigate to My Sites > Add New Site in the admin bar.
  2. Choose the site you'd like to use as a template to copy. We have made 2 sites available to you, or you can choose one of your other sites (you can only choose another site that you are an administrator on). Here are descriptions of your options:
    • Default Gala Site (no content)
      Choose this option when you want to start with a basic blank site with no content. It'll have a few pages in the main menu to get you started, but other than that, it's blank.

    • Default Gala site (with demo content)
      Choose this option when you want to start with some demo content. It has some films, events, shorts programs, and a schedule set up to give you examples of how the content works. It also has more pages and menus filled out, and an example custom home page.

    • One of your own sites
      Choose one of your own sites to copy if you want to use a lot of the same content on the new site. When you choose one of your own sites, all of your static pages, menus, design customizations, and settings will be copied over.

      You can decide whether to copy over your festival catalog (films, events, shorts programs, venues, sponsors, schedule items, curated itineraries, and ticket types) and blog content. Most festivals will want to start fresh without this content on a new festival site. If you do not keep your festival catalog and blog content, the images attached to that content will also be removed.

  3. Enter a title for the new site. This title will show in the menu bar, on google search results, and in your My Sites menu, so we recommend keeping it unique, for example, by putting the year in it.
  4. Choose a path for your site. The path needs to be unique to all the other sites under your domain, and can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes. It will be changed to lowercase.
  5. Click "Submit", and confirm your choices. If they look good, click the create site button. On the next page, you'll see the URL to your new site.
Note that your new site will be in "Trial" mode when you create it, which means that it's not visible to the public, and you need to be logged in to view it. If you'd like to activate the site and make it visible to the public, click the "Activate now" button from your dashboard, customize a plan, and pay for your site.

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