Scanning Tickets at the Venue

When patrons purchase tickets via your Gala site, they will receive a print-at-home ticket with a QR code on it. You will need to scan this QR code at the venue using the free Gala Ticket Scanner app, which will mark their ticket as used.

Requirements and Compatibility

  • an iPad or iPhone with a camera and internet connection
  • Compatible with iOS 9+

Downloading the ticket scanner app

Visit the following link:

Scanning a Ticket

  • Open the Gala Ticket Scanner app and log in. You will need to use one of the following:

    • The username and password of an Administrator on your Gala site
    • The username and password of a user who has the "Ticket Scanner" role on your Gala site

  • Once you've logged in, press the "Scan a Ticket" button

  • The device's camera will load, and you'll see a translucent green box with a red line through the center, which you can use as a guide.

  • Position the green box and red line over the QR code on the ticket. 

  • As soon as the device recognizes the QR code, the ticket information will automatically be sent to the server. Note: you do not need to touch the screen or press any button to capture the QR code; simply position the camera over the code.

  • After the app gets a response from the server, you'll see one of the following:

    • Green checkmark: The ticket is valid and the patron is good to go! 
      A few details about the event will show, and you can click the "More Info" button to see info about the order, such as the name of the perosn.
    • Red X: If the ticket is not valid, you'll see a Red X. Do not allow the patron to enter using this ticket. Possible reasons for an invalid QR code are:

      • The ticket has already been used
      • The QR code does not correspond to any tickets that were sold on your site (perhaps it is a ticket to another festival, or perhaps the ticket-holder has tried to create a fake ticket)


  • If your device's camera is having trouble reading any QR codes, make sure that you have enough light shining onto the QR code, and that you're holding the camera at the correct distance to fit the QR code fully to the edges inside the green box on the camera screen.

  • Sometimes a patron will show up with a ticket that has been printed on a printer that was running out of ink, resulting in a very faint QR code. In this case, if your camera is not able to recognize the code, you can press the "Enter Ticket Code" button and type in the 12-digit letter/number code that's below the QR code.

  • If the big QR code at the top is smudged or too faint; try the one in the footer, they are the exact same QR code. The QR code in the footer is there for backup in case there was a printing problem with the big one.

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